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Canon 7D First Impresssions

by Thierry on October 8, 2009 · 2 comments

Random images from the Canon 7D out of the box.

Original settings as it came out of the box.

I just switched the images from default JPEG into RAW and colour space from sRGB into RGB.

The camera is on P mode (I rarely use this one …) and as mentioned, all settings are from factory default:

- Auto ISO

- Auto AF point selection

- Batch conversion from RAW to JPEG with CS4 without any additional ingredients (no sharpening, saturation or highlight and shadow correction added)

Backlight. Fleur a contre jour. Photo by Thierry

I used the Canon 35 f1,4 L for these first images and noticed that the camera will pick the slowest shutter speed of 1/50 at the widest aperture (f1,4) as to prevent camera shake. Auto ISO pushed the ISO up to 2000 for some images.

Note the very good level of details while shooting contre-jour.

Again, as in P mode, there is no sign of “blinky” in the histogram.

I personally like the lite noise of the shutter speed. The camera, with the new design, sits very comfortably in the hand.

Unlike my other Canons, I don’t feel the need for the vertical grip for this camera… as yet.

Very well balanced with the Canon 35 f1,4

High contrast image with outside light. Auto White Balance for this one is just amazing. Details are well captured. Image a haut contrats avec lumiere exterieure. Noter the niveau de details. Photo by Thierry

Details are well visible in the shadows. Fenetre sur court. Les details sont bien conserves dans les zones d'ombre. Photo by Thierry

Focus on the architrave on the left. Couloir. L'auto focus a choisit le montant de la porte a gauche comme points de focus. Photo by Thierry

Ambient light through the window on the left. Focus made on the side of the sink. Bassin. Lumiere ambiante a travers la fenetre sur la gauche. L'auto focus est sur le robinet au premier plan. Photo by Thierry

Ambient light through the window. A travers la fenetre. Les details a l'interieur de la chambres sont tres bien conserves. Photo by Thierry

Paper flower lit by various light sources. Une fleure en papier dans le couloir avec differentes sources lumineuses venant de gauche et droite de la prise de vue. Photo by Thierry

Light through the sliding doors. A travers la baie vitree'. Il a plu et les vitres sont tachees'. Photo by Thierry

Ambient light through the window. Une brosse dans le bassin de la cuisine. Lumiere ambiante a travers la fenetre. Photo by Thierry

Back light. Un magix cube en contre jour de la baie vitree'. Photo by Thierry

Image prise a travers la vitre de la baie vitree, lumiere ambiante. Photo by Thierry

Back light. Fleur a contre jour sur la fenetre du bassin de la cuisine. L'auto focus a detecte' les petales comme points de focus. Photo by Thierry

Focus on the flower. L'auto focus a detecte' les petales du premier plan. Note que l'ouverture est de f1,4 et donc la profondeur de champ est tres reduite. La fleur est a contre jour. Photo by Thierry

Photo taken of a wedding dress printed on canvas. Cette image est d'une image imprimee' sur du canvas accroche' sur mon mur. Lumiere ambiante. Photo by Thierry

Keys, ambient light. Un trousseau de clefs prise a "bout portant" avec le Canon 35 f1,4 L. Photo by Thierry

Stay tuned. More to come

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Canon 5D mk II or 7D
October 11, 2009 at 8:11 am

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1 luk June 29, 2011 at 10:05 pm

Hi i have 7 d
when i try fast shooting like in your vid
my can shot for about 1.5 sek very fast and than slowing down …there is no constant 8 fps there is like 2 frames and 0,5 sek break and again again…
cam is brand new.
manual settings
thanks for reply


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